In Development:

Broken Crown: Escaping Titan

Following a time known as the Terraboom Era, our solar system has a new governmental order with Saturn's moon, Titan, becoming the new Solar System Capital. In Escaping Titan, you choose your backstory, and play through the game as an individual looking to escape the corruption and hypocrisy of the system's new capital city. Aquire a ship, recruit a crew, haggle for supplies, and determine your destination, all in your attempt to escape Titan.

Sister Company Titles:

BCG: Sudoku of Mana

A new twist on the classic Sudoku puzzle game.


The professor has lost his Quibbles! His fun loving little monsters have escaped and it's up to you to help the professor rescue them before they are lost forever.

Wizardous: An Apprentice's Betrayal

Take on the role of the fallen old wizard as he attempts to remember all the traps and obstacles he once placed in the castle to protect its magical secrets.

Squibble: The Word Game

A new twist on your everyday word games! Challenge yourself or your kids!

Balltastic Blast

Be sucked in by this gravity-based version of Balltastic Boombastic!

Balltastic Boombastic

Fun and addictive kids game that mixes Tetris with Candy Crush.

Last Defense of Our Time

Defend your cities from waves of alien attacks.