Volunteer Army:

The Volunteer Army is your "foot-in-the-door" opportunity. When enrolled, you'll be presented with chances to work on active projects affiliated with our studio.

What are the benefits?

  • Build your portfolio & resume with the support of our team
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming games before they come out
  • All volunteers are entered into a database and considered for future paid openings

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  • 2D Concept Art
  • 2D GUI Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation & Rigging
  • Coding, GUI Design
  • Coding, Game Mechanics
  • Coding, Ports & Engines
  • Writing
  • Sound - Voice Acting
  • Sound - SFX
  • Sound - Scores & Tracks
  • Business & Legal
  • PR & Marketing

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  • Hobbyist
  • Undergrad Student
  • Grad Student
  • Recent College Graduate
  • 0-3 years Experience
  • 3+ years Experience

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Join the Developer Volunteer Army

Success Stories!

Kristi, Broken Crown: Escaping Titan (3D Artist)
NOW: Quality Assurance at Zenimax

Tony, Broken Crown: Escaping Titan (Concept Artist & 3D Artist)
NOW: Artist at EA Sports